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-Nelson Davis, Founder

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Sep 21, 2011 - San Diego, CA – The Making It! Institute for the Advancement of Business in partnership with the National University System will hold the second Superstars of Small Business event on Wednesday, September 21, at the National University Spectrum Center Campus. Superstars is an intimate educational event for existing and aspiring business owners to learn from the best and brightest stars: accomplished entrepreneurs who have built their companies from startups to $10M or greater annual gross.


Who are the Four Featured Superstars?


• They come from diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic groups.

• All have taken a dream or vision, added extraordinary persistence, resilience and hard work to emerge as achievers who are making a difference.

• They all bring real world education and sparkling inspiration for the benefit of event attendees.

Superstar Gregory L. Craig build his small gas and oil trading business into a multi-billion dollar operation.  Greg is originally from the Alaskan North Slope and is a classic up-from-nothing story.  If you have big ambitions, Greg has knowledge to share which could help you reach your goals.

Superstar Robert L. Blumberg 
grew an electronics manufacturing business from zero to 400 employees.  He learned a great deal about business building along the way.  At Superstars, you will get his priceless first hand advice.

Superstar Maria de Lourdes Sobrino,
Founder and CEO of Lulu’s Dessert Corporation, devised a unique recipe for having a multi-million dollar business. Established in 1982, Lulu’s Dessert®, is ranked among the top 500 Hispanic Businesses in the United States. As Jim Hopkins from USA Today wrote she is “the queen of ready-to-eat gelatin and a force in the surging number of Hispanic entrepreneurs.”

Maurice Ortega is a native of San Diego and began his construction business in 1974 with just one backhoe. A. M. Ortega has grown to nearly 200 employees and over $35 Million annual gross. You’ll learn a lot about finding and growing good people along with many other great business lessons from Maurice.

Instructor Dr. Mary Beth McCabe will tell you how to develop your strategies in one of the hottest topics in business - social media.  She has over 30 years in Radio, TV and Digital Media.

Instructor Lawrence Gitman wrote the book on Finance-several, in fact.  A former Professor of Finance at San Diego University, Mr. Gitman speaks in real-world terms about the essential how-to's of financing your business dream.