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In all of our activities, we seek to display  some unchanging, fundamental qualities, honest dealing, integrity, treating everyone  with respect and dignity, striving for mutual advantage and contributing to our  human progress.


The Boeing Company recognizes the critical role citizenship plays in the many diverse communities where we have a presence and our responsibility to be effective stewards of Company resources by investing strategically.

The Port of Long Beach makes an ongoing effort to support community activities and school programs and to increase understanding of Port operations through open communication with the local community.




As one of the nation's leading lenders to small businesses, we have a deep understanding of what a business needs to run smoothly, evolve seamlessly, and thrive.


The Small Business Development Center hosted by Long Beach Community College provides one-on-one counseling, business training seminars in marketing, financing, business start-up, international trade, and procurement programs to small businesses. Special focus is placed on serving emerging markets and minority and women owned businesses.